Innocareer Abs Stimulator, Ab Stimulator Abdominal Toning Belt for Abdomen, Portable EMS Abs Stimulator for Men Women (44.48 Inches)

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Give your abs a great workout using the Smart Muscle ABS Stimulator. It stimulates and activates muscles to tone and tighten your midsection.

The Smart Muscle ABS Stimulator uses the most advanced EMS technology and is made of high-quality material so that you can build the body of your dreams, without even lifting a finger! This training gear is safe and efficient!

It actually does a better job of activating your muscles than traditional exercise!

How to use it… It’s EASY!
1. Put some water on the back of the ab stimulator or your skin.
2. Attach it to your abs, arms, waist, or legs.
3. Press the button “+” to turn on the device. The indicator light will flash. Choose the mode by pressing “M” as you want. There are different modes with increasing levels of intensity. Adjust to your individual preference.
4. Turn off by pressing “-” if you want to stop.

✔ Bodybuilders Pursuing The AB Muscles
✔ People With Excess Weight
✔ Fitness Enthusiasts
✔ People Who Have A Passive Way Of Life

The Abs Stimulator doesn’t have visible results within a day or two. However, you will feel the change right from the first use. The muscles becoming tighter will felt almost immediately and we will see the visible formation of abs after about 2 months. Keeping training is very important.

For faster and better results, it is recommended to use the muscle toning therapy with proper work-out and a healthy diet together.

1. Do not attach it with “power on”, because of shocking.
2. Do not touch the attached side of the adhesive pad, it makes decreasing using time.

POWERFULL & EFFICIENT – This abs stimulator has 10 types of modes and 39 levels of intensity. The EMS abdominal muscle belt is equipped with an LCD screen that displays the mode and strength. Intensity and mode can be selected by just touching the screen. You can enjoy training clearly. (Length: 44.48 inches, perfect for most people but not for some fat guys)
EASY TO USE – The controller of the improved new ab stimulator is equipped with an LCD screen. The mode and intensity are displayed on the LCD screen. When you wear it on your body and use it, you can check the operating state clearly (mode type, Massage strength). You can enjoy training clearly and with peace of mind. The touch panel makes it easy to operate.
WHAT EFFECTS YOU WILL GET – Use this ab toning belt 12-15 minutes per session (no need to spend a lot of time and sweat), but the effect equals 200 times of sit-ups, 10 mins free riding, 1500 meters running, 30 mins swimming. It is better to keep exercising for 2 months and 1-2 times per day. (Note: It is recommended to increase the intensity from the lowest level step by step).
NO NEED GEL PADS – It is economical to use repeatedly. Comes with a USB rechargeable cable and does not require battery replacement. It can be charged from a laptop computer, mobile battery, smartphone charger, in-car power supply, etc. with a simple connection.
SATISFACTORY SERVICE – 100% Satisfaction means the world to us. There is a 30-day window in which you can return the item for any reason. Reach out to us in case of any dissatisfaction and we’ll do all we can to put smiles on your face!

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